Apology for duplicates (was Re: Compatibility issue with 2.2.19pre7

Manfred Spraul (manfred@colorfullife.com)
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 19:15:05 +0100

Mark Hahn wrote:
> hi. I've received 8 copiies of this message (via linux-kernel) so far.
> headers indicate that the following hop is being repeated:
8. That's weird - according to my maillogs colorfullife.com (my own
server) only sent 6 copies to everyone.
The attached one is the 5. messages, so probably one more will come.

I have no idea what caused the duplication, probably I misconfigured
something with smarthost.

clsrvli: internal server, smarthost to colorfullife.com
colorfullife.com: real server, sends messages to the rest of the world.

The message had 6 receivers, and one of them was unreachable for 50
minutes. It seems the sendmail resend the message to all receivers,
although the first 5 were successful.

One retry every 10 minutes --> 6 duplicates

Manfred Spraul
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