Re: Off-Topic: how do I trace a PID over double-forks?

Doug McNaught (
21 Jan 2001 12:54:11 -0500

Jesse Pollard <> writes:

> Ummm ... basicly a "respawn" entry in the inittab is enough for that.

Nope, see below.

> If you wanted sendmail then:
> sndm:234:respawn:/usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q15m
> Will restart sendmail whenever it aborts in runleves 2,3, or 4.

Sendmail in daemon mode forks right away, and the child is the
daemon. All init will know is that the process it started exited
right away, and you'll get a "respawning too fast" message.

I don't recall if there's an option to sendmail that says "be a
daemon, but run in the foreground." Probably is, for debugging.

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