Re: hotmail can't deal with ECN

mirabilos (
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:13:32 -0000

Alex wrote:
> Regarding Hotmail.. has anybody actually tried informing them that Cisco has a
> stable patch available? It's possible they're just misinformed about its
> status. I do think they should at least be given credit for:

Hotmail actually, as whole M$, is unreachable, so no1 could tell it `em.

> I think the point of a test address is that this could conceivably
> affect more providers than just Hotmail, and it would be useful for people to
> be able to check to make sure their own provider isn't also ECN brain damaged
> so they can yell at them and maybe get the problem fixed before it happens
> instead of just suddenly not getting list mail one day..

Correct - and additionally: what's about Win 95-ME, NT, W2K; *BSD?
When I'm end user they don't block an ECN connection I thought, or do they?
Idea: some1 makes up a web server.
- If I can connect ECN is working
- On the site I can enter my mail addy and get a mail there. If it arrives, everything is ok.


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