Re: Running "make install" runs lilo on my Athlon but not my Pentium II.

Chmouel Boudjnah (
26 Jan 2001 14:21:36 +0100

Miles Lane <> writes:

> Yes. The script exists on both machines, but I think you have
> nailed the problem. The working machine is running RedHat 6.2 plus
> a 2.4.0+ kernel. The other (the Athlon) is running Mandrake 7.2 plus
> a 2.4.0+ kernel. On the working machine, the installkernel script
> is just a shell script. While, on the problem machine, the script
> is a PERL script written by
> So, Chmouel, what gives? Can you help me debug this?

this installkernel script try to detect what kind of bootloader you
have on your machine (since we ship GRUB and LILO), what the output of


give you (under the mdk machine).

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