Re: Bolck Device problem or Compaq Smart array 2 problem? kernel -2.4 .0+

Jens Axboe (
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 17:38:15 +0100

On Mon, Jan 29 2001, Nathan Black wrote:
> Here are my results.
> 2.2.18- works fine. 24 MBytes/sec at 100+ gigabytes (16GB looped many times
> ( lseek64(FD,SEEK_SET,0) )).
> 2.4.0 release SMP and Uniprocessor with NMI on- Kernel oops. I can reproduce
> if necessary( oops at about 700 MB) sometimes more, sometime less. (In
> BDFLUSH if I recall)
> 2.4.0 release UniProcessor NMI off- Works like the 2.2.18
> 2.4.1-pre10 & 11- Works but system becomes unusable(requires reboot) after
> completing.

Unusable how? Does it hang or oops? Does nmi and up/smp make any
differences in 2.4.1-preXX?

I did some fixes for cpq after the blk merge in 2.4.1-pre, and got
reports that it works. However, I don't have the necessary hardware
to test myself.

Jens Axboe

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