Disk is cheap?

mirabilos (eccesys@topmail.de)
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 18:58:22 -0000

Everyone who says, disk is cheap, ought to donate me one.
Everyone who says, memory is cheap, has to send me some.

I'm still stuck with a P-133, 56 MB RAM (60-70 ns, some EDO,
some FPM) and not only Linux but also W2K on a 2.1 and a 0.8 GB

I accept donations in IDE and SCSI, as well as parport devices.


Version: 3.12+(proprietary extensions) # Updated:20010129 nick=mirabilos
GO/S d@ s--: a--- C++ UL++++ P--- L++$(-^lang) E----(joe) W+(++) loc=.de
N? o K? w-(+$) O+>+++ M-- V- PS+++@ PE(--) Y+ PGP t+ 5? X+ R+ !tv(silly)
b++++* DI- D+ G(>++) e(^age) h! r(-) y--(!y+) /* lang=NASM;GW-BASIC;C */

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