Re: WOL and 3c59x (3c905c-tx)

Tobias Ringstrom (
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:23:03 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:
> The code was broken, so I disabled it.

Because of the loss of state bug with Cyclone, and the "missing" acpi_wake
workaround, right?

> I "fixed" WOL in the 2.2.19-pre candidate driver. It's
> at
> I'd really appreciate it if you could test the WOL in
> that driver. Then we can port it into 2.4 and try to
> fool Linus into thinking it's a bugfix :)

Of course it is a bug-fix! I'm very bugged by the current behaviour!
Doesn't that count? :-)

Ugh. Is the 2.2 driver more advanced than the 2.4 one? Only temporary, I
hope... :-)

But alas, I cannot easily test this patch, since I need 2.4 for my ATA100
IDE controller, but please send me a patch for 2.4 as soon as you have
one, and I'll help you test it.

Would it be enough to port the acpi_wake function to 2.4? If so, I can do
that myself. In fact, I think I'll try that right away. Who needs
breakfast anyway? :-)

/Tobias, the one smiley per sentence guy :-)

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