Re: reiserfs on 2.4.1,2.4.2-pre (with null bytes patch) breaks

Chris Mason (
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 12:10:19 -0500

On Sunday, February 18, 2001 03:07:27 AM +0100 Frank de Lange
<> wrote:
> And no, I'm not running RedHat 7.x for those who might think so (and
> automatically blame everything on it).

Minor nit, but I'd rather clear it up now. Which distribution you run
doesn't matter for debugging. What does matter is that we've got known
problems with a given compiler, and that compiler goes by a few different
flavors with the same version number. Since there are known problems, if
you don't provide the compiler version, I'll ask. If your bug is *really*
odd, I might ask a few different ways, just to make sure you give the same
answer every time ;-)


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