Re: 242-ac3 loop bug

Doug McNaught (
24 Feb 2001 12:59:44 -0500

Mark Swanson <> writes:

> > ps -aux | grep loop
> 1674 tty1 DW< 0:00 [loop0]
> The system is doing nothing to the loop filesystem.
> Strange that the process isn't logging any cpu usage time. It's
> definately responsible for the 1.00 load.

It's just an artifact of the fact that processes in state D
(uninterruptible sleep) are included in the load average calculation.
Since the loop thread apparently sits in state D waiting for events
on its device, you get a load average of 1 for each mounted loop

I know nothing about the implementation of the loop thread so won't
presume to say whether/how it can be "fixed".

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