Re: What is 2.4 Linux networking performance like compared to BSD?

Hans Reiser (
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 21:38:37 +0300

James Lewis Nance wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 02:26:20AM +0300, Hans Reiser wrote:
> > I have a client that wants to implement a webcache, but is very leery of
> > implementing it on Linux rather than BSD.
> >
> > They know that iMimic's polymix performance on Linux 2.2.* is half what it
> > is on BSD. Has the Linux 2.4 networking code caught up to BSD?
> >
> > Can I tell them not to worry about the Linux networking code strangling their
> > webcache product's performance, or not?
> Hi Hans,
> I dont have an answer for you, but it would be nice to know the answer.
> Would it be difficult to measure this? It should not be difficult to make
> a machine dual boot Linux and BSD, and then we can measure the differences.
> If there is a significant performance difference either way then we can
> try and investigate it to see why.
> Thanks,
> Jim

This is indeed what we should do if we get no answer from the list by someone
who has already done such work.

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