Re: bug database braindump from the kernel summit

Manfred Spraul (
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 23:48:56 +0200

From: "Jeff Garzik" <>
> /proc/pci data alone with every bug report is usually invaluable.

Even if the bug is a compile error?

BUG REPORT (a real one, I didn't have the time yet to post a patch):
kernel versions: tested with 2.4.2-ac24, afaics 2.4.3 is also affected
Several config options are missing in the 'if' at the end of
This means that CONFIG_PCMCIA_NETCARD is not set, and then (iirc) the
kernel won't link.

are missing.

Obviously too much data doesn't hurt, as long as
* it's hidden somewhere deep in a database, clearly separated from the
important parts (if there is an oops: decoded oops, description, how
easy is it to trigger the bug, steps to reproduce)
* very easy for the bug reporter to collect.
* not mandatory.


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