Re: bug database braindump from the kernel summit

Jeff Garzik (
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 18:09:05 -0400

"J . A . Magallon" wrote:
> Could <installkernel> make part of the kernel scripts, or in one other
> standard software package, like modutils, so its versions are controlled

There is value in putting it into the Linux kernel source tree, in
linux/scripts dir. But most vendors can and should take this script as
a sample, and customize it for their distro. The Linux-Mandrake
installkernel script definitely gets touched every so often, and
decisions it makes, like updating lilo.conf or grub/menu.lst, or
autodetecting the boot loader, are definitely not to be applied for all

FWIW here is our /sbin/installkernel command line usage help text, to
give a glimpse of what it does and can do:

Usage: ${0##*/} -[lngarhcq] KERNEL_VERSION BOOTIMAGE MAPFILE

-l: Add a lilo entry
-i: Dont generate Initrd files
-n: Don't launch lilo.
-g: Add a Grub entry.
-d: Don't autodetect boot loader.
-a: Autodetect boot loader.
-r: Features for RPM post install.
-c: Don't copy files.
-q: Be quiet.
-h: This help.

> I think the best solution would be to make /boot the 'official' place for
> kernels, the -X.Y.Z naming an standard, installkernel should save
> and .config.

There will never be an official place to put this stuff, because that's
a distro policy decision. A quick search just now reveals no reference
to /boot in the i386 Makefiles, and only a quick reference in the README

> And you can add something like /proc/signature/map, /proc/signature/config,
> etc to md5-check if a certain file fits running kernel.

Additionally, everyone should remember: /proc is not a dumping ground :)

Ad-hoc naming like this has created the procfs namespace ugliness we
have now... let's not add to it unless we have to, and unless we have a
good idea of proper naming.

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