Re: 2.4.4-ac[356]: network (8139too) related crashes

Danny ter Haar (
Wed, 9 May 2001 19:25:38 +0000 (UTC)

Andris Pavenis <> wrote:
>With kernels 2.4.4-ac[356] I'm getting system freezing on FTP transfer after
>some time. I'm trying to upload about 6.5Mb file using MC (transfer speed
> about 300-1000Kb/s). With these kernel versions I'm getting random total
>freezing system (no any kernel error messages, no reaction to keyboard,
> no response to ping from other machine). The same seems to happen also
>when transfer speed is slower (I left wget downloading many files 2 nights
> and both times system was hanged in morning)

I have similar problems on my sony vaio laptop (pcmcia ethernet
card that works with the 8139too driver)
I send detailed info to Jeff & Alan weeks ago.

>Kernel 2.4.3-ac3 seems to be Ok.

Problems started with the change in 2.4.3-ac7.
So up to 2.4.3-ac6 it's fine.

>PS. I'm not subscribed to kernel mailing list
If you post it here, read it here!


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