Re: Linux scalability?

reiser.angus (
18 May 2001 10:12:34 +0200

> However, taking a closer look, it turns out, that the above statement
> holds true only for 1 and 2 processor machines. Scalability already
> suffers at 4 processors, and at 8 processors, TUX 2.0 (7500) gets beaten
> by IIS 5.0 (8001), and these were measured on the same kind of box!
not really the same box
look at the disk subsystem
7 x 9GB 10KRPM Drives and 1 x 18GB 15KRPM (html+log & os) for Win2000
5 x 9GB 10KRPM Drives (html+log+os) for TUX 2.0

this is sufficient for a such difference


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