Gdb reports about broken mmap()

Bohdan Vlasyuk (
Mon, 21 May 2001 17:17:59 +0300

Hi !!

Well, don't warry about this issue any more :-). That's entirely
RedHat's mistake -- they didn't took a look at ./configure --help.
I've done ./configure --with-mmalloc and it does not complin amy more.
However, it still does not work :-))..

17:16:02 ~/src/db # gdb -q dummy -m --batch
17:16:04 ~/src/db # gdb -q dummy
gdb-internal-error: objfiles.c (unlink_objfile): objfile already
An internal GDB error was detected. This may make make further
debugging unreliable. Continue this debugging session? (y or n) n

Create a core file containing the current state of GDB? (y or n) n

I guess now it's GNU's problems, not yours. Thanks.

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