Re: ECN is on!

Rogier Wolff (
Tue, 22 May 2001 18:12:36 +0200 (MEST)

Richard Gooch wrote:
> Dave sent a message out a week or two ago saying he was going to do it
> soon. And back in January he said he'd be doing it in February. The
> kernel list FAQ has stated this right at the top, in big, bright red
> letters. Yesterday, after I saw Dave's announcement, I updated the FAQ
> to reflect that we're now running ECN.
> People have had plenty of warning. Think of it as a bonus that it
> didn't happen back in February. They've had an extra 3 months to sort
> something out.

The "we'll turn it on in February" warning is worth NOTHING in this
situation: February comes and goes. March comes and goes. Everybody
who read the warning will think: Ok, so I must be fine.

A warning of the form: "ECN will go on as soon as this message clears
the queues" would've been useful, as thousands (hundreds?) suddenly get
nothing anymore.


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