Exporting new functions from kernel 2.2.14

Stephen Wille Padnos (stephenwp@adelphia.net)
Tue, 05 Jun 2001 08:54:31 -0700

Hello, all.

I am writing a pseudo-realtime control system, based on kernel 2.2.14.
The only RT-like task needs to hang off the timer IRQ. I am using
techniques like those in the book "Linux Kernel Internals", by Beck, et

The patches in that book won't apply (they are for 2.1.24 or lower),
plus I want a somewaht different functionality, which brings me to my
question: How can I get (modversions-enabled) functions exported from

I see in /proc/ksyms that there are some functions exported from there
({enable,disable}_irq, probe_irq_{on,off}, etc.), and they have correct
looking versions.

When I add my new finctions to i386ksyms.c:

I get names like


instead of

Additionally, when I make a dummy module (a la Alessandro Rubini's
"Hello" module in "Linux Device Drivers"), I get the following warning:
control.c:31: warning: implicit declaration of function
The module seems to work (it printk's "module loaded" on load and
"module unloaded" on unload), but I suspect that this is because I am
printk()-ing unformatted text strings - only one parameter gets sent.

So, I obviously have missed some basics about:
a) versioning,
b) exporting symbols, and
c) modules.

could soemone please enlighten me, or direct me along the path of
enlightenment :)

- Steve

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