Re: Break 2.4 VM in five easy steps

Derek Glidden (
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 14:47:22 -0400

"Eric W. Biederman" wrote:
> > Or are you saying that if someone is unhappy with a particular
> > situation, they should just keep their mouth shut and accept it?
> It's worth complaining about. It is also worth digging into and find
> out what the real problem is. I have a hunch that this hole
> conversation on swap sizes being irritating is hiding the real
> problem.

I totally agree with this, and want to reiterate that the original
problem I posted has /nothing/ to do with the "swap == 2*RAM" issue.

The problem I reported is not that 2.4 uses huge amounts of swap but
that trying to recover that swap off of disk under 2.4 can leave the
machine in an entirely unresponsive state, while 2.2 handles identical
situations gracefully.

I'm annoyed by 2.4's "requirement" of too much swap, but I consider that
less a bug and more a severe design flaw.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

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