Re: PCMCIA control I82365 stops working with 2.4.4

Jussi Laako (
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 02:03:32 +0300 wrote:
> Try going to your bios and setting the PCMCIA adapter to Cardbus/16bit
> instead of Auto. The Toshiba Topic chipsets are buggy, change their PCI

Dunno how to change those. The machine had just windows based setup program.

> identifiers with different bios settings, and are just a plain pain in
> the ass to get working. Then use the yenta driver (preferrably in
> kernel), and I think you will find it works now. :)

I wonder why it stopped working, because it was working just fine until
lately. I don't care if it's CardBus or old ISA-based PCMCIA because it
makes no difference as long as it works. I've been using it for years with
Linux and FreeBSD.

> Bas Vermeulen, who has had some bad experiences with Toshiba laptops. And
> it's impossible to get specs for em too.

Btw. is there any completely working laptop? I've got lot of problems with
Dell and IBM laptops. I've really started to hate all this mobile stuff that
never works...

Best regards,

- Jussi Laako

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