Re: Writes to mounted devices containing file-systems.

H. Peter Anvin (
11 Aug 2001 12:16:23 -0700

Followup to: <20010811144729.B31614@wyvern>
By author: Adrian Bridgett <>
In newsgroup:
> Personally I'd prefer AIX's approach - let the write through (if the user
> wants to shoot themselves in the foot...), but report an error about it (to
> syslog).

I don't see any point in having "you just fscked yourself" written to
the syslog. At the same time, writing to a mounted device is actually
useful: it's currently the only way to write the boot block on an
ext2 filesystem (and Viro: if you start using the page cache for the
superblock in ext2, you probably have to add an explicit interface to
write the boot block at the same time!!!)


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