Re: smbfs mount failures

Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:28:01 +0300

JS> What is the actual string you are using to mount?

smbmount //nt/e /mnt -o username=admin,password=secret
smbmount //nt/e /mnt -o username=admin,password=secret,ip=N.N.N.N

fails as described below.
Note! smbclient WORKS with these machine/username/pass!
I conclude it is a smbfs or smbmount problem, not a badly/unusually configured
NT or network problem. Also note that log messages are spewed by smbfs kernel

Tried to mount to locally running Samba:

smbmount //linuxbox/in /mnt -o username=guest,password=

Works fine.

How I can help to investigate this problem?
Please CC me. I'm not on the list.

JS> On Wednesday 15 August 2001 11:56 am, VDA wrote:
>> I'm having trouble mounting SMB shares residing on a WinNT machine.
>> smbclient works fine, but after mounting the same share with the
>> same username,passwd etc with smbmount and trying to enter
>> newly mounted dir I see repeating msgs in the logs:
>> ...
>> smb_catch_keepalive: already done [<- this is KERN_ERR!]
>> smb_retry: successful, new pid=PID, generation=N [PID is the same, N grows
>> (N++)] smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready == NULL
>> smb_trans2_request: result=-22, setting invalid
>> smb_close_socket: still catching keepalives!
>> smb_catch_keepalive: already done
>> smb_retry: successful, new pid=PID, generation=N+1
>> ...
>> Since smbclient is working I presume it is a kernel smbfs bug or some
>> version mismatch between kernel and smbmount.
>> smbmount: 2.2.0a
>> kernel: 2.4.5

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