Re: Query about Tun/Tap Modules

Jeff Dike (
Sun, 09 Sep 2001 12:46:40 -0500 said:
> Q1 : Now I am not able to understand how to use this module for my
> above stated purpose.
> If anybody has used this utility(Tun/tap) before , please let me
> know how to get these ethernet packet going towards IP layer and IP
> packets going towards ethernet driver.

It's not clear how similar my use of TUN/TAP is to what you want, but UML uses
TUN/TAP as one mechanism to network a virtual machine to the host, and it
works quite well.

See tuntap_up() in
for setting up a TUN/TAP interface and
tuntap_user_read() and tuntap_user_write() (which are both trivial)
for getting packets in and out of the interface.


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