Re: PATCH - Software RAID Autodetection for OSF partitions

Neil Brown (
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 09:09:57 +1000 (EST)

On Sunday September 9, wrote:
> Here's a quick patch that I wrote-up for 2.4.10-pre5 (should work with
> other 2.4.x kernels too), so that the OSF partition code should
> auto-detect partitions with a fstype of 0xFD (software RAID).
> It seems to work for me, except that the software RAID code in 2.4.10-pre5
> (both with and without my patch) keep dying with superblock errors on line
> 1574 of md.c. If anybody knows how to fix this error, please let me know
> :).

line 1574 of md.c is an MD_BUG which gets called if "analyse_sbs"
returns non-zero.
analyse_sbs returns non-zero only if the label "abort:" is jumped.
Every "goto abort" is preceeded by an "MD_BUG" or a printk except one
after check_disk_sb and one after alloc_array_sb.
These both print messages in cases were they fail, except for
alloc_array_sb which won't print a message if __get_free_pages

So, if the message about "1574 of md.c" is the first message you get,
then __get_free_page must be failing. It it isn't, please tell us the
first error message that you get.

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