Re: New SCSI subsystem in 2.4, and scsi idle patch

Frank Schneider (
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:44:00 +0200

Robert Love schrieb:


> Finally, I like your idea. I have an all SCSI system and would like my
> disks to spin down. Good luck.

I can only agree!
I sleep near a 4-disk-box, and it would be nice if i could spin down the
disks at night...:-)

At the times of 2.0.xy, i also played around with the
"scsi-idle"-package and it worked quite well...but i noticed one effect:
Since i used it the first time, one of my disks spinned down stayed then still for about 10secs and started
had no effect on the system (not even a logentry), but it costed me a
CD-R one time, and so i stopped using "scsi-idle".

I dont know if this was disk-dependant (the disk died some weeks ago
after working for about 3 years, it could have been defect), but it
started after the first use of "scsi-idle"...

But i would be glad to test a new version of "scsi-idle", if you write


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