Re: 2.4.10pre7aa1

Christoph Hellwig (
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:41:58 +0200

In article <20010910175416.A714@athlon.random> you wrote:
> Only in 2.4.10pre4aa1: 00_paride-max_sectors-1
> Only in 2.4.10pre7aa1: 00_paride-max_sectors-2
> Rediffed (also noticed the gendisk list changes deleted too much stuff
> here so resurrected it).

Do you plan to submit the max_sectors changes to Linus & Alan?
Otherwise I will do as they seem to be needed for reliable operation.

> Only in 2.4.10pre7aa1: 00_rcu-1
> wait_for_rcu and call_rcu implementation (from IBM). I did some
> modifications with respect to the original version from IBM.
> In particular I dropped the vmalloc_rcu/kmalloc_rcu, the
> rcu_head must always be allocated in the data structures, it has
> to be a field of a class, rather than hiding it in the allocation
> and playing dirty and risky with casts on a bigger allocation.

Do we really need yet-another per-CPU thread for this? I'd prefer to have
the context thread per-CPU instead (like in Ben's asynchio patch) and do
this as well.

BTW, do you plan to merge patches that actually _use_ this into your tree?

> Only in 2.4.10pre4aa1: 10_prefetch-4
> Only in 2.4.10pre7aa1: 10_prefetch-5
> Part of prefetch in mainline, rediffed the architectural parts.

In my tree I also have an ia64 prefetch patch (I think it's from redhat,
not sure though), it's appended if you want to take it.


Of course it doesn't work. We've performed a software upgrade.

--- linux/include/asm-ia64/ Thu Jun 28 12:43:20 2001 +++ linux/include/asm-ia64/processor.h Thu Jun 28 12:48:28 2001 @@ -958,6 +958,25 @@ return result; } + +#define ARCH_HAS_PREFETCH +#define ARCH_HAS_PREFETCHW +#define ARCH_HAS_SPINLOCK_PREFETCH +#define PREFETCH_STRIDE 256 + +extern inline void prefetch(const void *x) +{ + __asm__ __volatile__ ("lfetch [%0]" : : "r"(x)); +} + +extern inline void prefetchw(const void *x) +{ + __asm__ __volatile__ ("lfetch.excl [%0]" : : "r"(x)); +} + +#define spin_lock_prefetch(x) prefetchw(x) + + #endif /* !__ASSEMBLY__ */ #endif /* _ASM_IA64_PROCESSOR_H */ - To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to More majordomo info at Please read the FAQ at