ntfs problem with 2.4.10-pre7

Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:15:14 -0500

Since upgrading to 2.4.10-pre7, accessing my Win2000 ntfs partition (mounted
read-only) causes a lockup. There are no oops messages on the console or in the
logs; if I'm in text mode when it happens the system still responds to <alt-f1>
etc. and to <alt-sysrq> but not to anything else. If I'm in X nether the mouse
nor the keyboard respond. This is on a ThinkPad 600X with a kernel compiled
with egcs-2.91.66. The last kernel that worked correctly for me was
2.4.10-pre4. I skipped -pre5; -pre6 (with Anton's one-line patch applied to
allow compiling with egcs-2.91.66) gives the same lockup as -pre7.


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