Re: ntfs problem with 2.4.10-pre7

Anton Altaparmakov (
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 23:45:13 +0100


At 20:15 10/09/2001, wrote:
>Since upgrading to 2.4.10-pre7, accessing my Win2000 ntfs partition (mounted
>read-only) causes a lockup. There are no oops messages on the console or
>in the
>logs; if I'm in text mode when it happens the system still responds to
>etc. and to <alt-sysrq> but not to anything else. If I'm in X nether the
>nor the keyboard respond. This is on a ThinkPad 600X with a kernel compiled
>with egcs-2.91.66. The last kernel that worked correctly for me was
>2.4.10-pre4. I skipped -pre5; -pre6 (with Anton's one-line patch applied to
>allow compiling with egcs-2.91.66) gives the same lockup as -pre7.

When does the lockup occur? When mounting? Later? What is the command that
triggers it?

Could you edit fs/ntfs/Makefile and remove the hash in front of the -DDEBUG
in the EXTRA_CFLAGS line? Then recompile, insert the module and as root issue:

echo -1 > /proc/sys/fs/ntfs-debug

This will activate extensive logging in NTFS. If you now can reproduce the
hang and send me the syslog output (which hopefully will be captured) I
should be able to figgure out where and why it crashes.

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