Re: nfs is stupid ("getfh failed")

Jamie Lokier (
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:55:32 +0100

Neil Brown wrote:
> > I'm seeing this message quite often with one Linux 2.4.7 system
> > automounting another. As long as A has B's filesystem mounted, all is
> > ok. Then A times out, unmounts, and later wants to remount B's
> > filesystem. Then, sometimes, I see a message much like yours.
> >
> > It doesn't seem to need a reboot to cause this problem, and the fix I
> > have found is to kill and restart the NFS server: /etc/init.d/nfs
> > restart.
> >
> > I have no idea why it happens, or why restarting nfsd or mountd fixes it.
> Show me your /etc/exports....
> If you export a directory and a subdirectory of that directory - both
> on the same filesysem, you can get this.
> If you export a directory to both an IP address (or subnet) and a
> hostname (or wildcard or netgroup) this can also happen.

Yes, I'm doing the second of those. No alternative -- I need write
access from some hosts, and read access to all the rest (who are
dynamically allocated) on the subnet.

It's clearly a bug in the NFS server then.

-- Jamie


# I want ro granted to all hosts in the 172.30.* subnet, but rw
# granted to the machines in @aquarius_outside which is within that
# subnet. Doesn't work, whichever order I write the lines.
# (The machines in @aquarius_hosts always get read only access).
# Solution, though I don't like it: write the host names explicitly.
# The subnetwork is for temporarily assigned IPs on
# the Aquarius test network. /kickstart is used for kickstart
# installations on machines plugged in temporarily.

/home,root_squash) \,root_squash) \,root_squash) \
@aquarius_hosts(rw,root_squash) \

/kickstart,root_squash) \
@aquarius_hosts(ro,root_squash) \
@aquarius_outside(ro,root_squash) \,root_squash)
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