[GOLDMINE!!!] Athlon optimisation bug (was Re: Duron kernel crash)

Jonathan Morton (chromi@cyberspace.org)
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 12:21:22 +0100

>Today I updated the BIOS of my motherboard, a ABIT KT7A (VIA Apollo KT133A
>chipset). The kernel I had (2.4.9) started crashing on boot with an
>invalid page fault, usually right after starting init. I tryed a i686
>kernel and noticed it works OK, so I recompiled my crashy kernel only
>switching the processor type and it also worked. changed it back to
>Athlon/K7/Duron and it starts crashing.
>Anyone else experiencing this?


This problem is known about, but this is the first report we've had
of it on a Duron (as opposed to Athlon), and you've successfully
tracked it down to the updated BIOS.

We need the versions of your old and new BIOSes, as accurately as you
can make it.

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