Re: 2.4.10pre7aa1

Dipankar Sarma (
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 17:23:01 +0530

In article <20010911131238.N715@athlon.random> you wrote:
> many thanks. At the moment my biggest concern is about the need of
> call_rcu not to be starved by RT threads (keventd can be starved so then
> it won't matter if krcud is RT because we won't start using it).

> Andrea

I think we can avoid keventd altogether by using a periodic timer (say 10ms)
to check for completion of an RC update. The timer may be active
only if only if there is any RCU going on in the system - that way
we still don't have any impact on the rest of the kernel.

I am working on such a thing - but it will take me a little bit
of time to figure out how to do this in linux.


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