Re: AIC + RAID1 error? (was: Re: aic7xxx errors)

Olaf Zaplinski (
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 17:00:28 +0200

Olaf Zaplinski wrote:
> But how can I help to reproduce the error? Of course I could break the
> mirror, compile the driver into the kernel (non-module) and do some stress
> test on the SCSI drive. But it's not so good when I drive this machine into
> a hang too often.

Well, I tried that actually:

- insmod'ed the new driver ('verbose', 'tcq=32')
- broke mirror
- mke2fs /dev/sda1
- tar'ed / to /mnt (which was the mounted sda1)

=> no errors

So it has to do with the RAID code, I think.

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