Re: linux-2.4.10-pre5

Kai Henningsen (
11 Sep 2001 13:29:00 +0200 (Peter Samuelson) wrote on 11.09.01 in <>:

> > I see two possible atime uses:
> >
> > 1. Cleaning up /tmp (mtime is *not* a good indicator that a file is no
> > longer used)
> > 2. Swapping out files to slower storage
> >
> > Essentially, both use the "do we still need this thing" aspect.
> The Debian 'popularity-contest' package has an interesting use for
> atime.

Oh yes, forgot about that one. It's still the same idea, though.

> These go on the first volume of the Debian CD set, to
> make a one-volume Debian CD as useful as possible.

And the others are pushed to the second CD ... "swapping out files to
slower storage".

MfG Kai
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