Re: Freeing inode

Jan Kara (
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 23:42:05 +0200


> > Vladimir pointed me to another bug in ext2 quota allocation. The problem is
> > that when inode is being created but creation fails (either from user being
> > over quota or from some other reason) then quota is decremented incorrectly
> > (previously the usual case when user is over quota was handled by DQUOT_DROP()
> > but this works no more because of DQUOT_INIT() in iput() and ext2_free_inode()).
> > I made a patch which marks inode as bad and then quota is not initialized on
> > bad inodes (which makes sence anyway). The patch which is attached is just preliminary
> > and nontested (just now I'm realizing that inode being marked as bad might be
> > dirty which is not probably the best combination). I'd just like to know whether
> > this approach is ok with you or whether you have some better ideas.
> I think I have a better approach - grab quota before everything else in
> ext2_new_inode() and explicitly release the leftovers in the end. That
> way we simply do not call ext2_free_inode() - if we got to allocation
> we are done.
But to allocate a quota I need an inode with proper owner & superblock. If I have
inode I have to put it with iput() if allocation fails -> ext2_free_inode() will be
called unless we play some dirty tricks. Am I missing something?


Jan Kara <>
SuSE Labs
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