George Lloyd (
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 00:16:07 +0100


I was not sure where to send this report so I hope it's correct.

Since Version 2.4.3 of the kernel I have been unable to use my scsi cdrom
drive. The adapter card is a Adaptec AHA-1542 and the CDROM drive a
Phillips CDD3600. When I try to mount the drive I get the following.

Vendor: Phillps Model:CD3600 CD-R/RW Rev 2.00
Type - CD-ROM ANSI SCSI Revision: 02
Detected scsi3-mmc drive: 2x6 writer cd/-w form2 cdda trgg
sr: ran out of mem for sectter pad
kernel panic : scsi_free : bad offset

Version 2.4.3 is the last version the above works on. Can you help?

George Lloyd
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