[ANNOUNCE] kernel v2.0.40-pre1

David Weinehall (tao@acc.umu.se)
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:04:05 +0200

This is the first pre-patch of 2.0.40. It mainly cleans up some stuff
and adds a few useful scripts. I've also added an extra-version entry
to the KERNELRELEASE. If this causes any trouble, please let me know.

I intend to do quite some cleanup of the kernel-source; my goal is to
make it compile with gcc-3.x. This does _NOT_ mean that gcc-3.x will
produce a working kernel, at least not on x86, but the code needs
some fixups none-the-less; the #endif-fixes are the first changes in
this direction. Enjoy (?)

Later v2.0.40-prepatches will also see whitespace-fixes and fixes of
at least the most horrid uses of code-formatting. My reasoning here
is consistency and making it easier to use the v2.0-kernel for
educational purposes, and to simplify my own maintainance work. Feel
free to complain. I _might_ care, but I most probably won't :^)

This release is dedicated to all the victims of the terror-attacks
vs the United States on the 11th of September 2001.


o Fixed the ordering of (Philipp Rumpf)
watchdog initialising, to make sure
hardware watchdogs takes precedence
over the softdog driver
o Fix the CREDITS-entry for (Kai Petzke)
Kai Petzke
o Updated the MAINTAINERS-file a little (me)
o Fix "dumpable"-race (Solar Designer)
o Fix theoretical exploit in printk (Solar Designer)
o Backported checkconfig.pl, (me)
checkhelp.pl and checkincludes.pl
from v2.4
o Backported support for tags and (me)
o Added an extra-version entry to (me)
the version#, to keep track of
the prepatches etc.
o Fix all occurences of (me)
#endif BLABLA type; don't forget
that it should be /* BLABLA */ !!!

/David Weinehall
_ _
// David Weinehall <tao@acc.umu.se> /> Northern lights wander \\
// Maintainer of the v2.0 kernel // Dance across the winter sky //
\> http://www.acc.umu.se/~tao/ </ Full colour fire </
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