2.4.9-ac10 - plague still lives

Samium Gromoff (_deepfire@mail.ru)
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 02:59:19 +0000 (UTC)

Alan i finally (hmm already a week or so ago) catched the process
which forces to oops all kernels since 2.4.7 - it is kupdated, and
it is signed as author of all oopses from the first one appearing to the last.
It is very likely that i was wrong earlier claiming oopses were related to
sound issues - since i never then seen oops with not kupdated being the cause.
More: ac10 causes mc and vi to segfault badly
after some time from bootup. While vi segfaults while being tried to run,
mc segfaults while trying to open some file and edit it (ie you open
a file, then press anykey and then - you know).
I suspect here that the fact i havent recompiled glibc and mc
to reflect possible kernel interface changes is being the cause.
Actually 2.4.7 was last stable for me, and i still use it even
regarding the fact it suffers console-losing issues which recent acs
dont suffer from.

cheers, Sam

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