slip login

csaradap (
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:29:49 +0530

I am trying to configure my slip login , is it possible to have slip
server and client same IP, I mean with slip server assigned IP can I use the same IP to connect to the SLIP
server..Whenever I try to login I get a message like

Lat login on......
starting normal SLIP for user XXX
Your Ip is and your server is

The login gets killed immidiately..Before this I am just doing the
following steps..

1> slattach -p slip /dev/ttyS0 &
2>slattach -p slip /dev/ttyS1 &
3>connecting both the serial port with a cable
4>ifconfig sl0 pointopoint up

can anyone tell me whether this will work or not....


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