Re: 2.4.9-ac9 APM w/Compaq 16xx laptop...

Juri Haberland (
13 Sep 2001 15:54:57 -0000

In article <> you wrote:
>> > When my bios is set ACPI=NO, and APM is compiled in:
>> > A 'shutdown -r' hangs after the "Restarting System" message.
>> > Depressing the power switch cause a power off.
>> Try "Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off".
> With 2.4.9-ac9 'shutdown -r' does not work. The
> halt '-h' flag does work. '-r' hangs at "Restarting System."

You may try to use the kernel-option "reboot=bios".


Juri Haberland  <> 

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