Re: some possible bugs around (race conditions etc.)

Alan Cox (
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:34:13 +0100 (BST)

> kernel/capability.c:
> 59-63, 91-93, 203-206: SMP race, possible fix: rwlock

Looks ok to me

> kernel/exit.c:
> 485: sys_exit doesn't return anything (nor long type)
> why it isn't void ?

Syscall return - its to keep syscall wrappers happy no more

> kernel/fork.c:
> 586: isn't memcpy() more effective?

gcc will do that magic itself

> if (old_acct)

Nope. old_acct is saved carefulyl so it seems ok

> kernel/sys.c:
> 1217: mixed signed/unsigned - doesn't it return EINVAL even when it
> shouldn't?

It returns ok when it shouldnt - fixed

> 428: why wmb() ?

So the other CPUs cant see the priviledge change before dumpable clear

> 1323: is this needed on UP?

Not really

> 603: is this correct on SMP? shouldn't there be some penalty
> accounted for being "randomly" woken/run?


> kernel/kmod.c
> 211: shouldn't module_name be tested a bit?

modprobe checks
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