Re: Booting linux using Novell NetWare Remote Program Loader

H. Peter Anvin (
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 13:08:43 -0700

Pavel Machek wrote:

>>Am I guessing correctly that this RPL thing is a floppy image emulator?
>>Then it probably becomes a matter of where that image lives (in memory, if
>>so where; or on the network and downloaded sector by sector.) You may
>>want to try to make a SYSLINUX image and see if it works.
> Yep, it is floppy image emulator. People are telling me it is
> downloaded sector by sector. Do you have some "sure to boot" floppy
> image somewhere on ftp?
> Pavel

There is no such thing, but this is how you'd build a minimal SYSLINUX
floppy image (remove the -s for better performance but somewhat reduced
resistance to severe BIOS bugs):

dd if=/dev/zero of=floppy.img bs=1024 count=1440
mkdosfs floppy.img
syslinux -s floppy.img
mount -o loop -t msdos floppy.img /mnt
cp bzImage /mnt/linux
umount /mnt

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