Re: testing PPP over null modem

Frank Schneider (
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:28:09 +0200

csaradap schrieb:
> I thaink I have a PPP connection up and running over a null modem. So
> can u tell me how to test the ppp setup. By running ifconfig I am
> getting the ppp* interface running but the number of packets received
> and sent remains constant...


First you have to assign IP-adresses to the ppp*-devices, this can be
done automatically at connect (so its done when you connect via ppp to
an ISP), but yo can also do it by hand.

I would suggest to read "man ifconfig", as i know, it should work like
ifconfig ppp0 <ip> netmask <mask> up

This on both sides of the ppp-link.

Read also "man pppd".

After you have the interfaces (test them by pinging your own ppp0-IP),
you should lay some routing to them, e.g. you can set the default route
to the ppp*-device, so every packet will be send to the other maschine:
route add default gw ppp0

After that you should be able to ping the other maschines ip over the
ppp-link. Then the packetcounter will increase.


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