Re: Compaq Presario Notebook Keyboard "Extensions"

Erich Schubert (
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 13:14:01 +0200

> anything. On all desktop PC keyboards that I could lay my hands on
> otherwise, it generates e0 xx scancodes on press and e0 (xx | 0x80) on
> release. Some of these scancodes even seem to be standard (volume up and
> down, play and pause key...). I made a dedicated driver to handle these
> keys for 2.2 already. Not yet ported to 2.4.

You don't need a driver for them at all.
I had been playing with such a driver (for 2.2) which redirect a
configurable set of keys to a special device /dev/funkey or thelike.
Well, i'm not missing this patch now, there's a great tool called
"hotkeys" for X (available as debian package hotkeys) which has an X11
On-Screen-Display for Volume, predefined mappings for most keyboards and
is really easy to customize. I use that for controlling volume and xmms,
as well as launching some apps. (a "new terminal" hotkey is great ;)

Doesn't help here though - it needs scancodes.

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