Re: [PATCH] Endian-ness bugs in yellowfin.c

Cort Dougan (
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 12:50:54 -0600

Only the PPC-based gemini board uses that driver (ncr885e) and Val is the
maintainer of that board. These patches that she sent fix yellowfin.c for
the ncr885e chip on the big-endian PPC. I just pointed at the junk pile,
Val is actually doing the work to put the ncr885e drivers there.

This is a truly rare patch, it allows the removal of entire drivers
not just a few lines. As an encore I suggest combining the >5 Zilog 8530

} I may be missing some context... have you tested yellowfin on big endian
} boxes? If so, go ahead and remove it. Cort said it was destined for
} the scrapheap a while ago, and IIRC it disappeared from the 'ac' tree
} for a while...
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