Re: Reading Windows CD on Linux 2.4.6

Masoud Sharbiani (
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 20:11:46 -0400

Can you generate a cdrom image which has that problem (and less than 50
megs) in order
to test?
Bruce Blinn wrote:

>I sent the following message to the kernel newbies mailing list, and it
>was suggested that I send it to the kernel mailing list. I am not a
>subscriber of this mailing list, so I would appreciate any replies being
>sent to me directly.
>I have found that after upgrading from 2.2.19 to 2.4.6, I can no longer
>read CD-ROMs that were created under Windows. Since they work fine on
>2.2.19, I assume there is some configuration option that has changed,
>but I did not see anything that looked suspicious.
>I can mount the CD and list the files on it, but when I try to access
>one of the files on it, I get an IO error.
>When I created the disk on Windows, I selected the option to "Organize
>the disc so it can be read in most standard CD-ROM drives...". On
>Linux, I selected the kernel options for ISO 9660 and the Joliet
>Does anyone have any ideas about what I am doing wrong?

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