Re: [PATCH] AGP GART for AMD 761

Jesper Juhl (
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 17:57:30 +0200

Robert Love wrote:

> Please type `/sbin/lspci -n -v -s 0:0' and give me the results.

bash-2.05# /sbin/lspci -n -v -s 0:0
00:00.0 Class 0600: 1022:700e (rev 13)
Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 32
Memory at f8000000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=64M]
Memory at f7800000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=4K]
I/O ports at e000 [disabled] [size=4]
Capabilities: [a0] AGP version 2.0

Best regards,
Jesper Juhl

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