Re: Problems with 3ware error event notification in kernel

Nathan Neulinger (
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 18:48:09 -0500

David Johnson wrote:
> On 8/15/01, Neulinger, Nathan wrote:
> >I've got a situation with the 3ware driver and 3dm monitor where it appears
> >to stop receiving notification of status changes from the kernel.
> >
> >I've seen this with 2.2.19+variouspatches and 2.4.7-ac3. (On some other
> >machines, it appears to work fine.)
> >
> >Basically, all of the real-time monitoring and instantaneous status request,
> >as well as configuration change, etc. stuff all works fine, but after a
> >while, the 3dm monitor no longer gets messages talking about drive failure
> >(pulling a drive on hot-swap tray) or when the rebuilds start/stop. Even
> >restarting the 3dm monitor doesn't seem to help this.
> I've noticed this problem several times. It's not just the email
> notification. The 'alarms' section of 3dm as well as the syslog
> entries just stop happening.
> >Strace doesn't seem to work on the 3dm executable since it's threaded... (Is
> >there a way to get that to work?)
> Have you tried '-f -F' ? I haven't tried it since my controller is
> on a production system.

Yeah, it seems like the threads are causing an issue. Even attaching to
an existing process fails.

> On another note something (I assume 3dm) loves to look for eth
> interfaces just prior to every event:
> Sep 4 15:30:20 alliance modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module eth3
> Sep 4 15:30:20 alliance modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module eth1
> Sep 4 15:30:20 alliance 3w-xxxx[874]: Drive error encountered on
> port 2 on controller ID:1. Check cables and drives for media errors.
> (0xa)
> somewhat annoying, and very unnerving as it shouldn't be do anything
> with the networking setup. Anyone else seen this?

Hmm.. haven't seen that... a bit odd though. Perhaps your modules.conf
has something in it causing the probes when 3dm tries to do mail send or

-- Nathan

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