Re: [OT] Howl of soul...

Samium Gromoff (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 03:01:38 +0000 (UTC)

> A low-level format (using IBM DFT) is going to *silently* remap bad
> parts of the disk. It's only going to complain once it's no longer
> possible to remap the bad sectors. So, just because the low-level format
> doesn't complain does not mean that there is no media degradation!
1. how to find problematic blocks?
- just read, and if read fails goto 2.
(i.e. we found no new bad sectors)
- goto 2 on the sectors reported before as bad.
(i.e. drive remembers sectors on which he had failures)
2. what to do when i found problematic sector?
- just see if it still usable.
2a. i write to the sector, and after that i read crap.
- sector is bad! should remap it!
2b. i can write data to the sector, then reads goes ok.
- hmm, i think that was kinda magnetetic storm, sector
is still usable. do not remapping.

in my case there was just magnetic storm, so the sector can be safely
read/written again.


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