Re: [PATCH] 2.4.10-pre13: ATM drivers cause panic

Mitchell Blank Jr (
Sun, 23 Sep 2001 02:33:45 -0700

Alan Cox wrote:
> > Anyways, please find a (quick) patch below. It would be great if this patch or
> > any other similar could make it into the next release!
> > Thanks,
> That patch cannot possibly be correct. alloc_atm_dev sleeps

Actually there are a LOT of places that atm_dev_lock is held across sleeps -
I've been meaning to deal with them for awhile. Some of them are noted by
the Stanford checker, others are outside its reach (like calls into the
function pointers in atm_dev). I've been meaning to fix it once and for all
by turning that spinlock into a semaphore, but have not had a chance to
audit the code and make sure that it will be safe in all circumstances.
I need to trace all the interrupt paths and see what their locking needs

I'm not at home tonight so I can't look at the code much right now, but
I'll try to sort out what the best fix is and forward it on to you.

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