Re: [PATCH] tty canonical mode: nicer erase behaviour

Alan Cox (
Sun, 23 Sep 2001 22:50:16 +0100 (BST)

> Debian's solution isn't a silver bullet, in my opinion... It just means the
> ^H/^? confusion stops being a problem in a stand-alone system (if all your
> applications and configuration files come as defaults from Debian, they are
> consistent) but it just increased the mess when you log in from one system
> type to another (one of them being none-Linux Unix)...

Thats in many ways a design flaw in the protocols. Original telnet has
IAC sequences to send a "delete" regardless of keymapping policies that
are not known at end points. X also does it right with the keysyms.
Ssh seems to lack this
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