Re: kernel pcmcia

Eric W. Biederman (
23 Sep 2001 18:55:39 -0600

David Woodhouse <> writes:

> said:
> > Is cardmgr absolutely necessary? I don't use modules, so I don't
> > really understand what cardmgr does that can't be done by the kernel
> > at boot. -
> Aside from loading modules, it also performs the matching between devices
> and drivers - rather than drivers registering a list of the devices they're
> capable of driving, as with other bus types, cardmgr is required to 'bind'
> devices to drivers.
> The whole lot wants rewriting. I've been looking at it but don't have
> anything that even compiles.

I looked a while ago and the exported driver interfaces don't look to
bad but the code was next to impossible to follow.

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